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“We have designed and built two atypical buildings that required atypical structural engineering talent, and we got the right guy. I strongly recommend Bill Peltier.”

Pat Chesser, Senior Vice President – Development
Ackerman & Co.
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“I highly recommend Bill Peltier as being a great asset to any Team with Structural related needs.”

Robert Latham, Director of New Facilities
Uncle Julio’s Coporation
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“Simply put, Bill is “that guy” you call when you need something done. He also demonstrates the most important aspect to any profession by doing what he says he is going to do, when he says he is going to do it. Bill will not stop working on an issue until he has satisfied his client. We at JKH high recommend Bill Peltier for structural engineer, special inspections, and construction administration services.”

Kenneth Harless, Partner
JKH Architects
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“I can say with confidence that without Bill’s involvement, our project would have suffered costly delays due to our team’s lack of experience with these municipal requirements."

Shane Bostick, Architect
Hammers + Partners: Architechture, Inc.
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