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Dear Valued Clients and Industry Partners

I would like to thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in our company.

The premise for William J. Peltier and Associates, Inc. started over thirty years ago in a small town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. As the son and grandson of shadetree mechanics, machinery was always buzzing around me and new, exciting inventions were commonplace.

kid on tractorNeither my father nor grandfather acquired engineering degrees, but pragmatism was rule one. No idea was too big if you could build it with used parts and ingenuity. If there was a need for something, they constructed it. If there was a problem to be solved, they solved it. They were my engineers; and they were my heroes. And most importantly, they instilled in me the things that make me the engineer I am today.

Some thirty years later, after building a reputation as successful structural engineer, I have established William J. Peltier and Associates, Inc. (WJPA) around core principles that were instilled in me by my family and my own professional successes. I have found that these guiding principles prove time and time again to deliver successful projects to successful clients. These principles can be summarized into three categories: Communication, Collaboration, and Problem Resolution. To learn more about these principles, please review the summary windows on the left of this page.

I’d like to thank you again, for your interest in WJPA. I hope that we have the opportunity to leverage our guiding principles to bring value to your next project.

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William (Bill) Peltier, P.E., S.E.
Founding Principal, William J. Peltier and Associates